5 Great Ways To Screw Up Your Landing Page And Destroy Your Conversion Rate

ultimate negative keyword list (1)

Landing pages are a core component in the conversion process. Website traffic is worth very little to your business if it doesn’t convert. However, in my experience business owners (and even some professional online marketers) are overly focused on driving traffic volume and fail to pay enough attention to fine tuning their rate of conversion. […]

The Key Fundamental Element Of Search Engine Marketing Success

The Key Fundamental Element Of Search Engine Marketing Success

In the past pre-Internet days, if you wanted to market your products or services, the primary lever you were able to pull was REACH (aka ‘SIZE’ of audience). Contextual targeting was limited, at best, and you could do no better than target at an AUDIENCE level; it was difficult or impossible to target potential customers […]

I have FOUND another great Free PPC tool

I Have FOUND Another Great Free PPC Tool

I have just ‘FOUND’ a very useful PPC Tool – The Ultimate PPC Concatenation Tool – and I wanted to share it! There are lots of Free PPC tools out there online, but occasionally you come across a hidden little gem – and this is one great example. I want to say thank you to […]

The Ultimate Negative Keyword List

ultimate negative keyword list

I have searched around the internet for the ultimate negative keyword list and to be honest I have been disappointed! There are a few negative keyword lists with 200 negative keyword suggestions offered, but I have failed to find any over 200 words or any that I would describe as the ‘ultimate negative keyword list‘. I […]

7 Of The Worst PPC Ads EVER!

7 of the worst ppc ads ever (1)

Good quality Ads are a key element in any PPC account. Well written, compelling and enticing Ad copy can lead to that vital extra few % points on your Click Through Rate, a higher Quality Score and a lower Average Cost Per Click. Your PPC Ad performance can mean the difference between success and failure. So rather than focus […]

Understanding Keyword Match Types

Understanding Keyword Match Types

PPC search marketing involves setting up Ads to display to users who type in certain words or phrases (‘search queries’) into a search engine. For instance – if you are a mortgage broker in Cardiff, you may want your Ad to show when a user types in the search query ‘mortgage broker in cardiff’. Easy right??!! Not so easy –

Method 1 : Negative Keywords Google Adwords : Search Query Report

filtering negative keywords - using the search query report

This is the first of a 2 part tutorial on Negative Keywords, focusing on my method 1 process. I explain what negative keywords are, why you need them, provide an example / use case, give an overview of the method 1 negative keyword process, and then run through an over-my-shoulder live case study to show you the exact process I follow to find and add negative keywords to improve the quality and performance of my PPC accounts. [READ MORE...]

The First Post

The First Post (1)

Hello readers. Welcome to richardbest.co.uk. This is the first post, the first of many I hope. In fact, I don’t ‘hope’ – I intend. Someone I look up to once told me, “hope is not a strategy”.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to lay out my plans and goals for this blog, what it will be, why I am writing it, and most importantly I want to put across the fact that this blog is all about passing value on to you the readers. [READ MORE...]