10 Of The Best Adwords PPC Infographics

10 of the best Adwords ppc infographics

I love Infographics. A good Infographic is not only well designed and pleasing to the eye – but informative and engaging as well. In fact for me, the informative element of Infographics is the key.

Here are 10 of the best Adwords PPC Infographics (all of which I found on Pinterest.com). Enjoy!

1. How Does Google Adwords Work?:



A good place to start, this Infographic created by Pulp Media gives a very clear overview of how Google Adwords works and finishes with the top 3 tactics for optimising a Google Adwords account.

2. Google Adwords The Small Business Guide:



This Infographic created by Simply Business is very well presented and organised. It runs through steps to prepare your campaign, setup your campaign and then ends with some key optimisation tips. A very solid Infographic overall.

3. Pay Per Click Keyword Match Types:



If you need an easy guide to help you understand how keyword match types work, then you will find this Infographic very useful. I like the bid strategy suggestions, i.e. 100% exact, 80% phrase or fully broad modified, 60% dual anchor broad modified, 40 single anchor broad modified and 20% for broad match. It illustrates how the level of targeting loosens as you move away from exact towards broad and therefore how your bid levels should be set in accordance to counter the looser targeting.

4. Google Adwords Campaigns Reorganization Roadmap:



This Infographic from Wordstream is very useful indeed. You follow the roadmap presented, and take a course of action based on yes or no answers. Although relatively simplistic overall – you still need to have practical experience on how to action each element – it is actually a very intelligent review sequence which would lead to results if the loop is followed.

5. How To Write Highly Effective PPC Ads:



Writing effective PPC Ads is a key aspect of running a highly optimised PPC account. But how, in fact, do you go about writing effective PPC Ads? This Infographic is a great resource, and steps you through an intelligent process to follow in order to achieve competition busting Ads.

6. 71 Ad Tests You Can Start In Your Adwords Campaigns Today:

http://uk.pinterest.com/pin/348747564867328049/ Capture

Now this is a GREAT Infographic resource. If you need some ideas and inspiration to write Ads and launch Ad split tests to incrementally boost performance, then here are 71 ideas to inject into the process.

7. Google Display Ad Sizes Cheat Sheet:

http://uk.pinterest.com/pin/498844096198768080/ Capture

If you are planning to start advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN), then I highly recommend you utilise image Ads rather than text based Ads. Using Image Ads means you boost Brand awareness for free, as users that do not click your Ads will still be aware of them either consciously or sub-consciously. This Infographic gives an overview of the different Ad dimensions, file types and file size restrictions available for GDN image Ads.

8. How To Use PPC Landing Pages For Higher Conversions And Lower Cost Per Clicks:

http://uk.pinterest.com/pin/458663543270811638/ Capture

Optimising landing pages is key to maximising PPC account performance. The higher the targeting and relevancy of your landing pages, and the more effective your landing pages are at converting visitors to take the desired action – the higher your Return On Investment (ROI). This Infographic from unbounce.com provides some clear advice on landing page techniques that work.

9. Wordstreams ‘Most Expensive Keywords’ infographic:



Have you ever wondered which keywords are the most expensive on Adwords? Well wonder no more, just checkout this Infographic from Wordstream. Not surprisingly, insurance and finance are right up the top with whopping costs per click. When you see average CPC’s at this level, it shows the importance of optimising your account and ensuring your landing page performance is razor sharp to make every penny count. Some advertisers are sensitive about spending £1 per click; but really it is not about how much you spend per click – or even how much your spend overall – it is ultimately all about how much return you achieve on your investment (i.e. ROI). Finance and insurance companies are hugely profitable businesses in general, so it shows that despite huge average CPC’s, there is still a healthy ROI to be made.

10. Facebook Advertising vs Google Adwords:



Want an easy way to compare the features and benefits of Facebook Advertising to Google Adwords? This Infographic gives a useful overview, although I do not agree with every one of the points.

So there we have it, 10 of the best Adwords PPC Infographics.

->> Are there any great Adwords PPC Infographics that I have missed, that you would like to share?

->> Which of the above Infographics is your favourite and why?

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