Hello. My name is Richard Best. I am an Online Marketing geek from just outside of Cardiff, in South Wales (UK). I am married and have 5 lovely children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 guinea pigs. Never a dull moment in our household!

After my family, my next love is Online Marketing and particularly paid search marketing (PPC).

My first steps into online business

I have been involved in online business since 2001, where I co-founded and led a company called 1st For Everything Ltd. 1FE Ltd created and marketed a portfolio of mortgage lead generation websites, and at our peak we generated over 100 unique mortgage leads per day. We also created a lead management CRM, and offered software and remote sales training. 1FE Ltd was a small business, and I was directly involved in all elements.

This is where I had my first experience of planning and managing Google Adwords campaigns. Importantly (I believe) this was for my own business, i.e. I was spending my own money. When you are spending your own money, not a bank loan or VC investment or clients’ money, you quickly learn how to make every penny count. And this I did.

I was also introduced to the world of training in 1st For Everything Ltd, running software and remote sales training to advisers throughout the UK.

My biggest online business success….so far

Following on from 1st For Everything Ltd I co-founded a web technology company that has developed a market leading drag and drop website builder. I led the founding team to win in 2008, where we received 40,000 Euros prize investment. This opened doors to the VC world and the rest, as they say, is history.

I led the marketing team for Basekit through beta and public launch, giving me wider experience in online marketing and optimising conversion funnels.

Having left my employed role at in 2010, I sat as Chairman of the board for a year. With my time freed up, and my horizons opened up again, I focused the majority of my time to furthering my Online Marketing experience working on a variety of freelance and consultancy contracts for a range of companies from tech start-ups to local tradesmen.

My online marketing agency

This led to the development of Mint Online Marketing, which is still running to this day. I have very much enjoyed managing Mint Online Marketing, but I have always had the urge to stay involved in projects in a hands on capacity, which has rather stunted the growth of the company!

But I am now rolling with it, I have realised I just love working first hand on Online Marketing projects. I don’t want to sit above and pull the strings, with a detachment from each project. I want to get my hands dirty, to be involved, to pull the levers that lead to success and to work directly with my clients.

Looking forward to the future

So hence this is the start of my journey back into freelance contracting and consultancy, and my aim with this website is to help provide good quality advice and assistance to people, and by doing so to raise my profile. Not in an egotistical way, I am a very modest individual. I would prefer people to respect me because I am one of the best in my field, and I am willing to work hard and never stop learning in order to achieve that honour.

Although I have accumulated a broad range of Online Marketing and Online Business knowledge and experience over the years, I now wish to specialise in paid search marketing. Google Adwords, Bingads and Facebook Advertising.

I am a Google Adwords certified individual, and Mint Online Marketing Ltd an approved Google Partner.

I am also a Bingads certified individual.

My goal

My goal is to work with 20 clients, to help them become the best, to develop and manage the most efficient and effective paid search marketing.

My clients

As a client of mine, you will get my heart and soul. I really care about delivering results for my clients, it is not just about the money. I am happy when results are good, and discontented when they are not. I can channel that discontent into the energy required to find the solution.

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