This is the page where I share some of the (free and paid) resources which I use to make my life as a PPC Consultant easier.

I am going to start with one of my very favourite…

This is an AWESOME tool, I really do not know how I lived without this! It is now an integral part of my PPC workflow, and particularly for setting up new PPC accounts, splitting out and optimising existing campaigns, building in long tail keywords or lateral account expansion.

In a nutshell this tool helps you to build HIGHLY optimised PPC accounts in a FRACTION of the time. I think this sums it up, on the speedppc home page:

  • Earn more, work less
  • Improve quality score
  • Better traffic
  • Improve click through rate
  • Increase conversions
  • Win the long tail

PPC is ultimately about having:

A highly targeted and highly specific Ad being served in response to a specific keyword, then sending the user to a highly targeted and optimised landing page. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well at heart it is easy, but in reality, not so easy to achieve when time is a limiting factor. But this is where Speed PPC really comes into its own.

Tools that save time, often result in a quality pay-off. Not this tool. You get greatly improved quality, and lots more time to do the things you love (like search query reports lol)!

I loved this tool from the first time I used it. My strategy has always been to go the extra mile when building PPC accounts, segmenting them down to the absolute N’th degree with the aim of maximising Quality Score, improving conversion rate and generally BATTERING the competition who are often too lazy to optimise their PPC accounts to the degree I like to optimise as standard, regardless of the clients budget or fee.

Granted, you can do a lot of what this tool does with some fancy excel tricks - but this will do it in a tiny fraction of the time and you don’t have to be an excel boffin to use it.

I build out 10 campaigns, hundreds of Ad groups, with hundreds and hundreds or even thousands of keywords with different match types (exact and phrase, with a sprinkling of broad modified) – all highly optimised with specific Ad text in less than 2 hours using this tool. And I even get time for a cup-of-tea or 2!

If you haven’t tried it – try it!

My rating – you guessed it – 10 / 10.