The First Post

The First Post (1)

Hello readers. Welcome to This is the first post, the first of many I hope. In fact, I don’t ‘hope’ – I intend. Someone I look up to once told me, “hope is not a strategy”.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to lay out my plans and goals for this blog, what it will be, why I am writing it, and most importantly I want to put across the fact that this blog is all about passing value on to you the readers.

If you to find out more about me – check out the About Me page.

I have structured this post in a Q and A format, but this is me asking myself questions. Weird, I know! But hopefully it flows better this way.

What subjects are you going to focus your blog posts on?

Although I have broad online marketing experience having worked in online business since 2001, my forward focus is on developing my expertise in PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing. So, my intention is to focus all my blog content on the subject of PPC marketing.

Who knows whether this will always be the case – I am constantly developing as a person, forever learning – but I truly love PPC and although it may be a bit over the top to say I want to become the best PPC marketer in the world, I certainly want to continue to develop my knowledge and skills and become a very very good PPC marketer.

I certainly intend to be one of the best.

Have you always focused on PPC?

No. I used to be very much into SEO, and still use SEO techniques and follow SEO blogs on a regular basis. However, I have seen so many businesses hit – and hit hard – by Google algorithm updates over the last 2 years, that it made me sit up and think during 2013 about whether SEO is a viable form of marketing for a business to rely on.

Businesses built on SEO were seemingly built on a foundation of sand, not rock. When Google flicked the switch and updated their algorithm (Penguin, Panda etc…), many suffered big time. Businesses were literally devastated overnight.

Although it is clear that Google are very very focused on providing an exceptional user experience when people use its search engine, the cynic in me believes that their hidden agenda is always to move as many businesses as possible towards paid search (PPC). I have read that around 97% of Google’s revenue is generated through advertising i.e. Adwords. So they clearly have a vested interest in moving people from a focus on SEO, to more of a focus on Adwords. The harder and less predictable SEO becomes – the more times Google shuffles the pack – the more business look at PPC Marketing as a better alternative.

I also have a Brand called MintSocial which offers Social Media Marketing for SME businesses, but that is another story!

I love Social Media – but I am a simple person at heart – and the idea of publishing an advert, attracting a click, which leads to a sale – just feels right to me. I am more of a metrics and logic driven person, than creative. I like to generate results NOW – not in 18 months time. It is just the way my mind works.

Who is your intended audience for this blog?

My posts will be focused on providing knowledge that is driven from my experience of managing my own PPC account(s) and those of my clients. I also follow various PPC blogs (see below), so will try to keep my readers up to date on news and trends in the PPC world.

So my audience is anyone who would benefit from reading about my experience, and learning from the things I do. I may sometimes make or witness mistakes – and plan to be very open about this with you, to help you avoid a similar pitfall. But I am a very positive person at heart, so I expect most of my content will be focused around things that have worked for me which I hope can work for you.

To be more precise, I expect my audience to consist of :

- small business owners who manage their own PPC account(s)
- PPC professionals (agency and client side)

Which PPC blogs do you like to follow?

Here are my top 3:

- – love it, the number 1 resource for PPC professionals worldwide, and I would love to produce content even 10% as valuable as this.

- – Brad Geddes is a PPC legend. A great blog to follow.

- – Google’s official blog for news, tips and information on Adwords. Does what it says on the tin!

What are your goals for this blog?

I want to keep this simple:

1. Post at least once every week.

2. Grow my unique visitors to 4,000 per month within the first 1 year.

3. Develop an engaged audience of at least 1,000. This will include email subscribers and engaged social media followers / fans.

4. Never post just for the sake of posting.

I want to provide real value, not just hollow content. My post per week must be a valuable resource, not just a post for the sake of posting. If I cannot produce a truly valuable resource, I will not publish because the extent to which I can provide value will be the extent to which this blog succeeds. I know that, and will live or die on that statement!

Will all your content be in the form of written posts?

No. I plan to publish regular video guides. I love watching video guides, I think it is a great way to teach and learn online marketing techniques.

So there we have it, my first post. This is an exciting journey and one that is just beginning. I really do hope you enjoy following this blog, and remember it is for you. If there is anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.


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